7 Pool Table with Bumpers in the Middle Options That You’ll Love

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Are you looking for a pool table with bumpers in the middle? We've hand-curated 7 options that you're going to absolutely love with selections for a range of budgets.

Pool Table with Bumpers in the Middle

Let's check out these bumper pool tables.

1. Imperial International Non-Slate 3.1’ Bumper Pool Table

Imperial International Non-Slate 3.1 Bumper Pool Table

If you want to play bumper pool, then you need to make sure that you have the right table, and this option from Imperial International is designed to make playing the game as fun as possible.

You’ll enjoy the sturdy bumpers that are included on this table and the fact that they will not be easily moved or knocked out of position, which makes this table a great choice for any home where it will get a lot of use. In addition to the bumpers being high-quality, the pre-assembled top is covered with a durable cloth that can stand up a lot of use without being marred or marked.

You’ll have everything that you need to start playing right away when you opt for this pool table, as it comes with billiard cues and the balls. This means that once you get the table set up in your home you will be able to start playing right away without worrying about if you have the right parts.

In addition to being durable and easy to use, this table is very attractive, thanks the dark legs and outside of the table, which contrast nicely with the bright green of the cloth. You won’t have to worry about whether or not your new bumper pool table will look great in your home and add to the appeal of your house when you opt for this table.


  • This table is incredibly sturdy, thanks to the large legs and quality construction
  • While there isn’t a ball return system, there is a place to store the balls when the table is not in use


  • At 145 pounds, this pool table is a little heavy to try to move on your own to a new location in the home

2. Octagon Pool Table with Middle Bumpers by Berner Billiards

octagon pool table with bumpers in the middle

If you're looking for an octagon-shaped table, this is one of your best choices. It's made of full solid wood and would look beautiful in any game room.

And you get what you pay for because it comes included with everything you need for a game of bumper pool including drop pockets, pool balls, and pool cues.

It's sturdy and made of solid wood so you don't have to worry about it looking cheap and dinky. This thing looks awesome.

Finally, if you want to play some cards, it can convert into a card table that holds 8 people.

You really can't go wrong with this octagon table.


  • High-quality materials. Comes with everything you need for bumper pool
  • Converts into a large card-table for poker or other games for fun family or friend nights


  • No ball return system
  • Tends to run a bit pricey

3. Round Bumper Pool Table by Wildon Home

round bumper pool table by wildon home

If you're looking for a round bumper pool table then look no further. This model from Wildon Home is beautiful, functional and well received by consumers.

Not only does it have bumper pool, but it can also be converted to a dining table or a card table. If you're so inclined, this can even be the main table in your household if you don't have room for an extra billiards room.

At 48'' L x 48'' W x 31'' H and 160 lbs, you're looking at something that's going to be a sturdy and stylish fixture in your home. You're investing in a piece of art rather than a rinky-dink pool table built for kids.

It's even great if you're renting out your home as an extra amenity. 


  • Cupholders make it easy to prevent messes when using it for cards or dining.
  • Performs like a high-end table without breaking the bank.


  • We could not find many color options for this particular table.

4. Playcraft Hartford ¾” Slate Bed Bumper 4.5’ Pool Table

Playcraft Hartford ¾” Slate Bed Bumper 4.5’ Pool Table

Thanks to the ball return system on this bumper table, you never have to worry about whether your balls are going to come back to you or not. Additionally, the bright blue of the play surface contrasts nicely with the black of the trim and legs.

Unlike other tables that have four separate legs, this table has two large legs that offer plenty of support so that the table doesn’t wiggle when you are playing. This is ideal if you are going to be enjoying the table on a regular basis or if you have children who want to play, as they won’t be able to accidentally knock the table over.

While there is some required assembly with this table, you can accomplish it quickly. This table is very heavy and durable, and once you have attached the legs, you are likely to need help setting it back up, which is a testament to how durable the table itself is.

While these pool tables are not designed for people to sit or lay on them, they are durable and sturdy enough to stand up to additional weight, which will prevent them from cracking or breaking.


  • Very high quality and made to last without becoming wobbly or falling over
  • The legs attach securely so that they will not come loose when you decide to move the table to another location


  • Some users have reported that the included pool cues are not high quality and need to be replaced as soon as possible to really enjoy the table
  • There are reports that it would be almost impossible to move the table up or down the stairs without help due to the size and its weight

5. Rhino Play 4.8’ Bumper Pool

Rhino Play 4.8 Bumper Pool

This is a very attractive pool table that will look great in any home, thanks to the rich color of the wood and the contrasting black and bright green cloth.

Not only does this pool table look great, but the bumpers are in a contrasting red that matches the red and white of the balls. This means that the whole set looks very cohesive and will look wonderful in your home. Additionally, the silver decorations around the outside edges of the pool table look great and make the table look a little fancier, which is great if you have modern décor in your home and want a table that will fit in with the rest of your décor or decorations.

While there are some pool tables that aren’t designed to stand up to a lot of use by many different players, this pool table can handle being used for hours at a time without wobbling or the surface being damaged.

This ensures that your table will continue to look great for years to come and can continue to be a piece of pride for your family. You can rely on this table to last for a long time and for the thick and sturdy legs to remain durable throughout its life.

You never have to worry about this table warping, thanks to the high-quality MDF that is used in the construction. Not only is the top of the table built to last, but the legs are incredibly sturdy. They are 5” square and designed to prevent the table from becoming wobbly or moving during game play, which can ruin the day.


  • The wood color is very natural and makes the table look more high-end and expensive than it is
  • Designed for indoor use, and the manufactured wood is built to last
  • The cues and balls are included and have been sized to work with the table so you don’t need to buy additional parts


  • The size of the bumper pool table makes it very heavy and hard to move

6. Berner Billiards The Brickell Professional Slate 4.7’ Pool Table

Berner Billiards The Brickell Professional Slate 4.7’ Pool Table

The cherry finish on this bumper pool table elevates it to a piece that will look amazing in any room of your home, no matter your décor style. Not only will you love the way that this table looks, but since the cabinet is made of solid hardwood, there is very little chance of the table breaking or becoming damaged in any way.

Even if you play with the table every day, you won’t have to worry about it failing you or becoming wobbly. When setting up the table, you can rely on the chrome levelers on the feet of the table to make it very easy to create a flat playing surface so that the game is fair for everyone.

Once you get your table, all you have to do to start playing is attach the legs. This is very easy to do and allows you to ensure that you have a tight and firm fit so that they will not move.

The bright silver along the edge of the pool table makes the table look very classy and also helps to protect the edges and corners of the table from being damaged. Even if you run into the sides of the table, you don’t have to worry about them being marred or dented, thanks to the silver protection.


  • The black laminate legs are very durable and heavy-duty
  • The legs are thick enough to support the weight of the table without being wobbly


  • Some users have reported that the felt is not very high-quality and takes away from game play

7. Hathaway Games Renegade Slate 4.5’ Bumper Pool Table & Accessories

Hathaway Games Renegade Slate 4.5’ Bumper Pool Table & Accessories

This attractive bumper pool table is very appealing due in part to the gorgeous black finish on the frame and legs and how it contrasts with the dark green felt. Since the table is made from a high-quality manufactured wood, you don’t need to worry about the frame becoming damaged or breaking while you are using it, no matter how often you play.

Because this pool table has everything that you need to play, you can get it set up right away and start playing without much of a delay, as long as you have someone strong on hand to help you move it, as it is very heavy.

The rubber bumpers are durable and also feature steel posts that are plated with chrome, so they look incredible and won’t ever be damaged, no matter how hard you hit the ball.

The ball return system inside of the table is carpeted and designed to allow you to quickly retrieve your balls without having to do any extra work, and it will keep game play running smoothly since the balls will move to you on their own. 

The slate play bed is designed to be durable enough to last for years, and it offers you all of the support that you want when playing. Additionally, the heavy weight of the table will prevent it from moving accidentally when you are playing.


  • Durable enough to be used by the entire family, including children, without being damaged
  • The attractive design of the table ensures that it will look great in any room, no matter your décor choices
  • The slate offers a high-quality and realistic play surface


  • There are some reports of the slate being cracked upon delivery
  • Some users have reported that the cues are very low-quality and need to be replaced because they detract from game play

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