Best Pool Tables with Air Hockey Conversion Tops – Top 6 Options

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Best Pool Tables with Air Hockey Conversion Tops

If you want to get the most bang for your buck when you buy something, then you’re usually looking for a product that has many uses. Something you can only use for one specific purpose simply won’t get used as often.

The same could happen with game tables, if you’re not a dedicated player. For instance, if you got a ping pong table, you might not use it as often unless you’re a serious ping pong player.

That’s why conversion tops are so useful. They allow you to transform one game table into another, so that you can get more use out of it and play more games. We’ve found a few of the best pool tables with air hockey conversion tops as an example, which we’ll show you in this post.

Best Pool Tables with Air Hockey Conversion Tops

With a jaw-dropping ten different games to play, the Best Choice Products 10-in-1 combo table could easily become your go-to entertainment every evening. No matter which tabletop game you’re in the mood for, this table likely has a top for it.

The games included with this table are air hockey, foosball, pool, shuffleboard, ping pong, chess, cards, checkers, bowling, and even backgammon. If you’re worried that this must take up a lot of space, don’t be – all tops that are not in use can be stacked between the foosball top and the billiards tabletop.

As if that weren’t enough, the table looks nice, too. The wooden frame and metal legs are classy, so you won’t be embarrassed to have it sitting out in the open.


  • You can play ten different games on this table.
  • All conversion tops not in use can be stored between the foosball and billiards tabletops.
  • Classic-looking wooden sides and metal legs.


  • Some users felt the table was a little small.

Do you and your friends or family tend to get a little rowdy when you’re playing games? You’ll want a gaming tabletop like this Funmall 4-in-1 Combo Game Table, then.

The slant of its back legs is designed to keep it firmly in place no matter how animated you get while playing. You’ll find four different games in this table: air hockey, ping pong, pool, and foosball.

Assembly is a piece of cake with this table, too. This isn’t something you’ll need to spend hours and hours sweating over, which means you’ll get to play your games that much more quickly.


  • Can be quickly assembled.
  • Tough legs keep the table firmly in place during play.
  • Four different games, including air hockey and pool.


  • May be a little small for adults.

With this Lancaster table, you get to enjoy both pool and air hockey, with one additional bonus: foosball. Switching between tabletops is simple, too, and can be completed in seconds. In other words, the table can change as quickly as your mood for games does.

Once you switch tabletops, there are locks on the sides that hold the conversion tops in place. No matter how much the table is bumped or jostled, your playing will be uninterrupted.

Scorekeeping is effortless while you play. With scorekeepers built onto the sides, you won’t need to pause to write down the score every time someone gets a point.


  • Includes a pool table with air hockey and foosball conversion tops.
  • Each conversion top locks firmly into place.
  • There are scorekeepers on the sides so you won’t lose track of the score.
  • Tabletops can be switched as quickly as in a few seconds.


  • There are a few mentions that the table is a little wobbly.
  • Some said the assembly takes a long time.

In the event you’re searching for a table that will work with a tight budget, this Best Choice Products table could be the end of your search. Beyond being affordable, it has four different games to offer you: pool, air hockey, ping pong, and foosball.

Everything you need to play any of those games is included. This means you’ll also get pool cues, pool balls, ping pong paddles, ping pong balls, an air hockey puck, and a foosball ball. No need to plan out buying all these things separately.

It has a unique mini-size, too. As you can see, it doesn’t have long legs like other tables. You can rest it on the floor, or even put it on top of another table to ensure it’s as high as you need it to be.


  • Compact size allows you store it pretty much anywhere.
  • In addition to being a pool table, it includes air hockey, ping pong, and foosball conversion tops.
  • Lightweight size for easy lifting.
  • Each conversion top can be stored inside the frame.


  • There are some reports of the pool sticks arriving bent.

One of the best-looking tables on this list, the haxTON Popular Game Table is perfect for those who don’t want a table that looks like a game table. Its wooden legs and sides give it a warm, natural feel that’s far from tacky or childish.

Because of its compact design, it’s easy to lift and move whenever you need it to. Plus, all the conversion tops can be stacked inside the table, so you won’t need to worry about finding room for them.


  • The title says 5-in-1, but it actually includes three games: foosball, air hockey, and pool.
  • You can store all the conversion tops inside the table.
  • Comes with all parts you need to play the games.
  • Made from quality and attractive wood.


  • Can be a little uncomfortable for taller people to play on.

Simba Convertible Multi Game Table

In terms of looks, it doesn’t get much better than this gorgeous Simba Convertible Multi-Game Table. This looks exactly like something you’d see in a bar, with a beautiful felt surface.

Of course, it’s not just a pool table. This beauty can quickly transform into a ping pong table or air hockey table whenever your mood changes.

Plus, it’s the largest table on this list. Adults will have no problems comfortably playing on this one.


  • Sleek, mature design.
  • Can be used as a dining table.
  • You can play pool, air hockey, and ping pong on it.


  • As the heaviest table on this list, you’ll have a harder time moving it if necessary.
  • Can be expensive.

Features to Consider

Additional Conversion Tops

If you’re looking at this post, more likely than not you’re interested in having both pool and air hockey readily available in your home. But is that all you want, or do you think you could be in the mood for other games?

Many pool tables with air hockey conversion tops also come with additional conversion tops. These extra tabletops can be for a wide variety of other tabletop classics, such as ping pong and foosball.

For that reason, you should consider whether or not there are other games you’d like to be able to play, too. In that case, check the descriptions for each table so you can see which games it comes with.

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Size really does matter when it comes to gaming tables. If they’re too small, you may have to hunch awkwardly over them as you play, hurting your back.

But on the other hand, if they’re too large, they’ll take too much room up in your home. Plus, larger tables are a pain to transport.

There are a lot of reasons why you should consider size before buying a table. Whether you need a larger table for adults, a smaller table for children, or something that’s easy to move, make sure you check the dimensions of the table first. This will help you anticipate where you’ll put the table and how comfortable it will be for you to play on it.


Honestly, aesthetics aren’t usually the first thing to come to mind when you’re looking for gaming tabletop. Most just look for something that will be fun to play on.

However, there’s absolutely no rule saying you can’t also pick something attractive. Your home and all the rooms inside it are your personal space. Chances are, you’ve decorated it a certain way.

Because of this, you can absolutely look at whether or not you think a table would fit in visually to your home. Fortunately, there are almost always plenty of pictures to look at to help you determine this.

Wrap Up

The best thing about all the tables on this list is that they each offer you possibilities. If you were to choose from any table in this post, you’d still end up with something that lets you play more than merely pool or air hockey.

But if we could pick only one, we’d pick the Best Choice Products 10-in-1 Combo Game Table. That’s because you can’t get much better in terms of choices. With ten different games to choose from, you’ll never get bored of this table.

The Simba Convertible Multi-Game Table is tied with it, though. It’s one of the most handsome tables on this list, and would complete a tasteful gaming room’s look nicely.